Improving Pre-hospital Care of Road Traffic Accident's Victims with Smartphone Technology


  • Osman A. Abdellah University of Tabuk
  • Majed M. Aborokbah University of Tabuk
  • Abdelrahman Osman Elfaki MSU



pre hospital, mobile based application, road traffic accident’s victims care


One of the most causes to lose millions of lives around the world is Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs). According to the world health organization (WHO) report, 1.25 million people are killed each year as a result of RTAs, 20 to 50 million people were injured, and the number of killed people by RTAs is expected to increase further by 2020. The recent studies conclude that patient survival during a health emergency situation depends on the effective pre-hospital healthcare services, while the effective communication between the paramedics and prehospital staff is one of the important healthcare success factors. With the rapid growing of information and communication technology (ICT), wireless technologies and mobile services can provide viable solution to overcome the pre-hospital healthcare problems. The aim of this research is to improve the quality of prehospital emergency healthcare services at KSA by developing and implementing a mobile based emergency system. The proposed application is moving the diagnosis time to be started during traveling time witch accelerate the treatment. The proposed system shows satisfactory results in term of effectiveness and satisfaction




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Abdellah, O. A., Aborokbah, M. M., & Elfaki, A. O. (2018). Improving Pre-hospital Care of Road Traffic Accident’s Victims with Smartphone Technology. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 12(2), pp. 130–141.