A Systematic Review of Learning Through Mobile Augmented Reality


  • Hillevi Hedberg Stockholm University
  • Jalal Nouri Stockholm University
  • Preben Hansen Stockholm University
  • Rahim Rahmani Stockholm University




mobile augmented reality, AR, mobile learning, systematic review, augmented reality, mobile devices


In the beginning of 2000, researchers started to see the potential of using Augmented Reality (AR) in educational and foresaw that further research within the field. Since then, AR research have taken many different approaches. This is also true for AR in relation to pedagogical purposes. This study is to investigate what has been studied within the AR field related to mobile augmented reality. It attempts to make systematic review of how learning and pedagogical aspects have been approached in the articles. In recent years, mobile augmented reality has become increasingly interesting due to the mobile devices small form factors and their ability to let the students move around freely while learning. The aim of this study is to make a systematic review of pedagogical uses of mobile augmented reality. Based on a review of previous literature of mobile AR systems for pedagogical purposes, published between 2000-2017, make it possible to see in which direction mobile AR systems for education are heading and how future mobile AR systems should be designed to best fit the needs of future students so they can more effectively improve their learning.

Author Biographies

Jalal Nouri, Stockholm University

Associate professor

Preben Hansen, Stockholm University

Associate professor

Rahim Rahmani, Stockholm University

Associate professor




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Hedberg, H., Nouri, J., Hansen, P., & Rahmani, R. (2018). A Systematic Review of Learning Through Mobile Augmented Reality. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 12(3), pp. 75–85. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijim.v12i3.8404