Log Data Analysis of Player Behavior in Tangram Puzzle Learning Game


  • Ivenulut Rizki Diaz Brawijaya University
  • Ahmad Afif Supianto Brawijaya University
  • Herman Tolle Brawijaya University




user behavior, log data, tangram puzzle


Understanding player behavior in a game is quite important to know people model thinking. Through puzzle games, people can train spatial abilities in a geometry lesson. Spatial ability consists of five groups, one of them is perceptual speed. The Perceptual Speed factor is characterized by the speed in finding a configuration in a mess of distracting material. This research purposes to know user behavior in Tangram Puzzle game based on user data log. Analysis user behavior from two aspects: the dominant of first selecting a puzzle pieces and the correlation between the number of puzzle completion with time. And based on this research can be concluded that player will choose a shape that easily to identified and has a larger size than other to be completed first. Whereas the correlation between the number of completion and time is on a moderate level and quite significant.




How to Cite

Rizki Diaz, I., Supianto, A. A., & Tolle, H. (2018). Log Data Analysis of Player Behavior in Tangram Puzzle Learning Game. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 12(8), pp. 123–129. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijim.v12i8.9280



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