Application of Data Integrity Algorithm for Geotechnical Data Quality Management


  • Tarik Chafiq Hassan II university
  • Mohammed Ouadoud Abdelmalek Essaadi University (UAE)
  • Hassane Jarar Oulidi Hassania School of Public Works
  • Ahmed Fekri Hassan II University



GIS, algorithm, geotechnical data, engineering, drilling


The aim of this research work is to ensure the integrity and correction of the geotechnical database which contains anomalies. These anomalies occurred mainly in the phase of inputting and/or transferring of data. The algorithm created in the framework of this paper was tested on a dataset of 70 core drillings. In fact, it is based on a multi-criteria analysis qualifying the geotechnical data integrity using the sequential approach. The implementation of this algorithm has given a relevant set of values in terms of output; which will minimalize processing time and manual verification. The application of the methodology used in this paper could be useful to define the type of foundation adapted to the nature of the subsoil, and thus, foresee the adequate budget.

Author Biographies

Tarik Chafiq, Hassan II university

Laboratory of Geomatics

Mohammed Ouadoud, Abdelmalek Essaadi University (UAE)

Faculty of Sciences (FS), Tetouan, Morocco

Hassane Jarar Oulidi, Hassania School of Public Works

Informatics and geomatics department

Ahmed Fekri, Hassan II University

Laboratory of Geomatics




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Chafiq, T., Ouadoud, M., Jarar Oulidi, H., & Fekri, A. (2018). Application of Data Integrity Algorithm for Geotechnical Data Quality Management. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 12(8), pp. 85–95.