e-Leadership: A Bibliometric Analysis





change management, e- leadership, technology integration, e- teams, cluster, quantify bibliometrically, Web of Science (WoS) database, VOSviewer.


The e-leadership have been studied, during the late 1990s, with the rapid rise in advanced information technology (AIT) tools as the Internet, e-mail, video conferencing, what sap, virtual teams, virtual learning platforms. This research covers a deep review of the literature between 1990 - 2019 and the source data are derived from the Web of Science (WoS), in order to reveal the holistic landscape of this field, VOSviewer as popular visualization tools are em-ployed to process the bibliographic data. We use VOSviewer, the most related terms in this field were obtained by co-occurrence analysis from abstracts and keywords. The terms and its clusters were illustrated on a graphs and density maps were utilized. Also, findings show that the literature refer explicitly to e-leadership, there are a number of interesting insights to be found in the theoretical articles. Paper concludes with recommendations for further multidisciplinary re-search at the intersection of the fields of companies, educational technology and educational management, focusing on values, strategy, organization and leader-ship interactions, teaching and learning at all levels.

Author Biography

Ingrid del Valle Garcia Carreño, University Pablo de Olavide

P.hd Social Sciencs

University Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain




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Garcia Carreño, I. del V. (2020). e-Leadership: A Bibliometric Analysis. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 13(1), pp. 19–34. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijac.v13i1.12341