eProject User Experience: The Reality


  • John Sandler Telstra Corporation, Australia




project, user experience, usability, communications, user-centred


Corporate eProjects have become fast-paced and increasingly demanding. More often than not, problems and challenges readily surface within technology projects. These can often stem from poor usability and user experience aspects of the development process, together with lack of adequate communications plans and strategies. Successful forward planning and succinct on-going communication of development and testing processes is critical. Clear communications across the range of impacted user work groups, together with the project team, ensuring an understanding of all roles in the development process is vital. Understanding the need to engage expert users and representatives from the impacted user groups is also critical. This paper and associated presentation will look at what can happen in the real world, when even highly detailed project planning can be undermined by a lack of communications, understanding and unsatisfactory project team user experience. In effect, the user experience of project teams.

Author Biography

John Sandler, Telstra Corporation, Australia

Training Prime, Instructional designer, and usability consultant. Has worked in the Australian corporate sector since 1993, including time with: Coles Myer Limited (Australia), as a Senior Training Officer managing training needs analysis, design, implementation & delivery of retail training packages. IBM GS(Australia), as a senior Usability Consultant, managing usability and interface reviews, process re-engineering, and user documentation projects. Telstra Corporation, (Australia), since October 2003, consulting as an Training Prime & Instructional Designer. Prior to 1993 taught art, computing and technology subjects in senior colleges. Presented papers at major national and international conferences in Australia and overseas, including: Australian Computers in Education Annual Conference, 1987-1990 Australian Institute of Art Education Annual Conference, 1987-1990 Australian Society for Educational Technology Bi-annual Conference, 1992, 1994, 1996. Learning Environment Australia, Adelaide, Australia, 1994, 1996. Asia Pacific Multimedia Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 1995. International Interactive Multimedia Symposium, Perth, Australia, 1996. Open Learning â??96, 2nd International Open Learning Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 1996. Open Distance Learning Association of Australia, Biennial conference, Launceston, 1997. Performance Support â??98, Dallas USA, 1998. Online Educa Berlin, Germany, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006 ForUSE2002, Usage-Centred Design, Portsmouth, USA, 2002 ICL 2006, Villach, Austria, 2006 ICL 2007, Villach, Austria, 2007 ICL 2007, Villach, Austria, 2008 ICELW, New York, USA, 2008




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