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  • Zachary Sporn Babbel Lesson Nine GmbH
  • Julia Chanter Babbel Lesson Nine GmbH
  • Daniel Meehan Babbel Lesson Nine GmbH



mobile learning, second language acquisition, podcasting, audio learning, learning media


Winner of the 2020 IELA E-Learning Award in the category Mobile Learning, Babbel’s slate of language learning podcasts provide innovative audio learning experiences, designed and hosted by linguistic experts. This article describes the pedagogical method and expertise behind Babbel's podcasts along with some best practices for creating effective audio-based learning experiences.

Author Biographies

Zachary Sporn, Babbel Lesson Nine GmbH

Zachary Sporn is Senior Communications at Babbel. Among other responsibilities, he coordinates and oversees collaborative research projects, working closely with SLA researchers to evaluate Babbel’s lesson content and pedagogical approach. His research interests include mobile assisted language teaching and learning, educational data mining, voice interfaces and chatbots.

Julia Chanter, Babbel Lesson Nine GmbH

Julia Chanter is the team lead of the Learning Media team at Babbel, a Canadian education and technology management professional, and long-time podcast enthusiast.

Daniel Meehan, Babbel Lesson Nine GmbH

Daniel Meehan is a Learning Media Strategist at Babbel, passionate advocate for digital education and audio fanboy.




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Sporn, Z., Chanter, J., & Meehan, D. (2020). Babbel Language Learning Podcasts. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 13(3), pp. 43–49.



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