ELabMate: A Tool for Delivering Programming Courses Effectively

Rihab Eltayeb Ahmed


In the Sudan, at the university level, mastering one of the current programming languages is typically required in order for a student to graduate from computer science majors. In Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), Traditional teaching methods of introductory programming courses involve lectures and practical sessions where students and teachers meet and discuss. Other resources are devoted to the courses including free lab sessions and tutorials with supporting staff and teaching assistants. Learning management systems and page-turning courses are available, complemented by a mass of online information, little of which is structured or written to help students learn successfully. To help students in the learning process, more training and practice on lab problems with a guided help is needed in addition to the normal sessions. As a result finding the middle ground between studentâ??s needs and the limited staff and time schedules is challenging. In this context we propose the development of an e-learning tool (ELabMate) to provide assistance to students and teachers. The two main potential users of the tool would be students and teachers with a dedicated interface for each, other administrative users can be found with respect to the academic rules drawing attention to the active role of every part involved in the learning process. The goal is to help students learn programming concepts based on assisting and engaging them in their learning process in a way that improves their performance. The tool real innovation is not being a text editor, but the ability to monitor students while writing their code and to provide hints the way the instructors do.


E-learning; Object-oriented programming; Teaching programming; Technology-enhanced learning; Workplace E-Learning

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International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC) – ISSN: 1867-5565
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