Using Communities of Practice for the Learning of Students with Poor Vision


  • Tatiana Takimoto Federal University of Santa Catarina



communities of practice, information and communication technologies, distance education, low vision/vision impairment


The Graduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management, at Federal University of Santa Catarina, with the support from CAPES PROESP, developed a project which focus is the development of an adaptable and accessible web environment for teaching the discipline of Descriptive Geometry - WebGD. This article presents the parameters needed for social and educational inclusion of students with vision impairment and it is based on a strategy to encourage participation and interaction on communities of practice. A review of literature on distance education, situated cognition and Communities of Practice was held, concepts that support the project WebGD, and a literature review of low vision â?? vision impairment. At the end requirements needed to develop the next steps for the WebGD project are presented.

Author Biography

Tatiana Takimoto, Federal University of Santa Catarina

Master's student, Department of Engineering and Knowledge Management




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Takimoto, T. (2012). Using Communities of Practice for the Learning of Students with Poor Vision. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 5(3), pp. 48–53.



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