An Analysis of Educational Portals’ Implementation for Effective Online Learning




Educational portal, Educational portal, Framework, online learning, Implementation, Institution


Information Communication Technology (ICT) is advancing with rapid development aimed at offering quality education among learners to ensure satisfaction as well as convenience. With the devastating effects of Coronavirus, many institutions are relying on e-learning technologies to carry out both administrative and academic activities to promote social distancing as well as curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. E-learning allows students from different geographical locations to learn as if in the classroom through the internet; providing tools that enhance effective teaching and learning. The question we ask is: are e-learning platforms performing as expected? To find out the answer to this question, an analysis of the factors identified to have affected implementation utilizing the IS implementation framework within two HEIs in Ghana is outlined in other to enable the identification of similarities and differences to be done.

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Emmanuel Dortey Tetteh, 1. University of Cape Coast, 2. Koforidua Technical University

Department of computer science,




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Tetteh, E. D., Ghann, P. ., Parbey, J. ., & Yussiff, A.-S. (2023). An Analysis of Educational Portals’ Implementation for Effective Online Learning. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 16(1), pp. 4–18.