How Digital Role Play Can Enhance Performance Leveraging Corporate Capabilities

Practice Behaviors that Matter


  • Elena Ciani LifeLike SA
  • Andrea Laus



pperformance management, corporate capabilities, soft skills, corporate learning, adult learning, training soft skills, behavioral change


Performance management isn’t just a matter of defining and following a process. Instead, it’s above all a lively and intense interaction between the managers and their reports. Skills and technique underlying an effective and satisfying relationship is essential to ensure sustainable results with involved and motivated teams. We propose a role-play game based on Artificial Intelligence that allows to put capabilities into actionable, measurable behaviors, throughout communication. This method makes it possible to practice critical conversations in working environment, with different characters based on personality psychology and neuroscientific findings. The training method can be used to practice key skills in the processes of performance management, such as: setting goals, monitoring results, give feedback and reward. The method allows to improve performance leveraging corporate capabilities. In this statement the architecture of the method will be illustrated, to specifically explain how capabilities have been directly related to skills, behaviors and then conversations. The specific performance management training will be explored.




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Ciani, E., & Laus, A. . (2023). How Digital Role Play Can Enhance Performance Leveraging Corporate Capabilities: Practice Behaviors that Matter. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 16(3), pp. 27–38.



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