Cloud-Based Content Synchronization Method for Collaborative Learning Environment


  • Geunsik Lim Samsung Electronics
  • Donghwa Lee Samsung Electronics
  • Sang-bum Suh Samsung Electronics



cloud computing, educational technology, mobile learning, revision control system


Existing online education has moved from desktop environments to mobile environments due to the proliferation of smart devices. Online educational systems running on smart devices have the advantage of allowing users to learn online regardless of the location of the users. In particular, data synchronization enables users to cooperate on contents in real time anywhere by sharing their files via cloud storage. However, users cannot collaborate by simultaneously modifying files that are shared with one another. In this paper, we propose a content collaboration method and a history management technique that are based on distributed system structure and can synchronize data shared in the cloud for multiple users and multiple devices. Our proposed system helps users performing work on the collaborative content by automatically merging updated contents of cloud files among users.

Author Biography

Geunsik Lim, Samsung Electronics

He is working for embedded devices at Samsung Electronics in South Korea. Currently, He is working to deploy Linux for Tizen software stack that is scheduled to be released by the end of this year. Also, He is the key member of, which is the biggest institute specializing in Android promotion in South Korea. Previously, he participated in Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS), (LCA) as a speaker for open source ecosystem. Prior to that, He engaged in UNIX / Linux core of advanced technology R&D work. He had various experiences working on mobile phone, tablet, digital TV, camcorder, and printer. He originally designed and developed Gitstat open source project which is a web based statistics and monitoring system for git. He contributes patches as a volunteer into open source communities such as Linux, GCC, Glibc, Android, and Tizen. He enjoys spending his time both solving software problems and trying to promote the adoption of Linux kernel and open source software for commercial embedded devices.




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Lim, G., Lee, D., & Suh, S.- bum. (2015). Cloud-Based Content Synchronization Method for Collaborative Learning Environment. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 8(1), pp. 24–30.