Technology, Socioeconomics and Education


  • Rafael Barrio



socioeconomy, employability, creatiavity, TECHNOLOGY


One of the characteristics of the late XX century and early XXI century is the constant technological, economic, and social transformations that are clearly interrelated where any technological innovation directly influences the socio-labour sphere. This fact can be seen, for example, in the growth of business models based on the economy of platforms (Gig economy) and in the robotization of productive systems that are accelerating a new labour scenario by creating, replacing and transforming many of the Occupations known so far. Some of the most representative facts that characterize these transformations would be.

Author Biography

Rafael Barrio

I currently work as a senior technician in the Human Resource Council of Barcelona (Spanish provincial administration). On the other hand, I have been part of the research group at theUniversityofBarcelonain the project TICAP - Information technology and communication skills to develop professional, financed by a cooperative of MCC (Mondragon Cooperative Corporation) and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

I combined the work activity in the company with the function of external consultant on methodologies assessment and skills certification in vocational education for to department education and the institute of qualifications of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Government of Catalonia). Previously, I developed my professional activity,  in the multinational MATRA COMMUNICATION (now: EADS – European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company)  as the chief of the Installation Services, and also report is  part of the Barcelona Olympic committee in organizing the Games 92 Responsible manager the implementation territorial.


I am Bachelor of Science in Education (specializing in organizing and educational technology), Master in Business Administration and Management by Foundation Ramón Llull IQS EMI and Doctoral Studies (Certificate Research Aptitude), based on research and thesis project, by department of research Methods and Diagnosis in Education of the University of Barcelona.

My main hobby is sailing they've been practicing for many years. I have the title of Yachtmaster offshore


I would be interested could share my experiences, for topics of design to methodology:

A)    Strategy of management working at 50+

B)    TVET

C) Teaching of creativity




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