Mobile Learning Application Design to Promote Youth Financial Management Competency in Thailand




Financial Management Competency, Mobile Application, Mobile Learning, Mobile Scaffolding Application, Scenario-Based Learning


Financial knowledge is an important factor in a country’s economic and financial security and its citizens’ lives and there is much related research indicating that technology will help, especially in the case for the mobile learning application model. This has the potential to educate and for the knowledge to be shared via the social network and social share and for the student to access vast learning sources to cultivate appropriate habits in financial management as they grow up. The purpose of the study was to design and develop a mobile application, including confirmatory factor analysis to learn and promote youth's financial management competency. This study used mixed methods in research both quantitative and qualitative approaches to explore research by collecting the comments from 5 regions in Thailand totaling 957 students and the qualitative data of 10 teachers by interviews. The results found that 98.75% of students had a smart mobile phone and that the students need a mobile application which can be used for learning everywhere (64.89%), supporting smart mobile phones both iOS system (Apple) and Android (66.04%), mobile learning design consisting of infographics, animation, sound and video (65.41%), The respondents needed the scaffolding application that is both flexible and fixed at the highest level (67.50%) and scenario-based learning in daily life at the  (84.64%) and a financial pretest which motivated mobile application learning.




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Mueangpud, A., Khlaisang, J., & Koraneekij, P. (2019). Mobile Learning Application Design to Promote Youth Financial Management Competency in Thailand. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 13(12), pp. 19–38.