Digital Comics in Online Learning During COVID-19: Its Effect on Student Cognitive Learning Outcomes


  • Insar Damopolii University of Papua, Indonesia
  • Theresia Lumembang University of Papua, Indonesia
  • Genç Osman İlhan Yıldız Technical University, Turkey



Digital comics, cognitive learning outcome, pandemic


Comics have been used as an alternative tool to improve student learning outcomes during the pandemic, but not yet for junior high school science learning. The study aims to explore the impact of digital comics in online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic on students' cognitive learning outcomes (CLO). A quasi-experimental research design was used in the study. A total of 42 eighth-grade students participated in the current study. They were randomly assigned to two conditions. The first condition was online learning assisted by digital comic media. The second condition was non-comic online learning. A multiple-choice test developed by the researchers was used to measure students' CLO. Although the number of participants is limited, an independent samples t-test was used to analyze the data because the data was normally distributed.  The results show that students' CLO differs significantly between comic and non-comic assisted online learning in favor of comic assisted online learning conditions. The possible reasons behind the findings were discussed. As a conclusion, several suggestions for researchers and teachers were offered.

Author Biographies

Insar Damopolii, University of Papua, Indonesia

Insar Damopolii is an Assistant Professor of Biology Education at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at the University of Papua, Indonesia. Since 2016 and currently, his research project has focused on developing comic learning media through a grant by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. e-mail:

Theresia Lumembang, University of Papua, Indonesia

Theresia Lumembang is an undergraduate student at the Biology Education Department at the University of Papua. She helps in collecting research data on digital comics. She is currently staff in the Department of Biology Education.

Genç Osman İlhan, Yıldız Technical University, Turkey

Genç Osman İlhan is an Associate Professor Dr. in Social Studies Education Department at the Yildiz Technical University, Turkey. His dissertation is about comics in education and has been giving undergraduate and graduate lessons on comics in education since 2019. e-mail:




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Damopolii, I., Lumembang, T., & İlhan, G. O. (2021). Digital Comics in Online Learning During COVID-19: Its Effect on Student Cognitive Learning Outcomes. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 15(19), pp. 33–47.