Digital Tool for Film Promotion Through the Use of Augmented Reality


  • Saul Beltozar-Clemente Universidad Científica del Sur
  • Fernando Sierra-Liñan Universidad Privada del Norte
  • Félix Pucuhuayla-Revatta Universidad Tecnológica del Perú
  • Joselyn Zapata-Paulini Universidad Continental
  • Michael Cabanillas-Carbonell Universidad Privada Norbert Wiener



film companies, digital marketing, movie theaters, augmented reality, mobile application


After the isolation caused by the pandemic, the entertainment sector has been forced to change the way it markets its products and services, and users have been adapting to the change. Companies dedicated to the film industry have had to bet on digital marketing to attract customers through the promotion and advertising of movies, thus attracting a larger audience to their theaters. The objective of this research article is to provide added value and innovation to the advertising promotions of movies in the premiere, through the development of a mobile application based on augmented reality to improve customers’ shopping experience. For which the Agile Mobile-D Methodology was used for the development of the application and the results were studied using 5 indicators: Time to choose a movie, where an improvement of 38.26% was obtained compared to the Pre-Test; regarding the indicator time to acquire information about the movie, an improvement of 81.33% was obtained. 33%; concerning the third indicator, time to initiate the purchase, an improvement of 88% was obtained; concerning the fourth indicator, time to obtain a reminder, an improvement of 83.33% was obtained, making the time with the use of the application shorter; finally, concerning the customer satisfaction indicator, 73% of the users who used the application rated their experience as between satisfied and very satisfied.




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Beltozar-Clemente, S., Sierra-Liñan , F., Pucuhuayla-Revatta, F., Zapata-Paulini, J., & Cabanillas-Carbonell, M. (2023). Digital Tool for Film Promotion Through the Use of Augmented Reality. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 17(05), pp. 36–56.