Blended Learning Case Study: “New to the Leadership Role”


  • Ruben Weiser Pink University GmbH



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The blended learning „Leadership Program“ is a clever combination of self-learning and face-to-face-teaching periods. Heart of the self-learning period are interactive exercises and multimedia eLearning videos. A moderator, who leads trough every section of the eLearning, ensures a strong involvement for the participants. With the help of valuable play scenes with real actors, the participants get encouraged to question their own behavior in daily business. In addition, there are graphically animated explainer videos and highly qualified interactive learning exercises.

The eLearnings contain also transfer-exercises, which empower participants to adapt new learning contents easily to their working environment and gain valuable experiences.

The blended learning “Leadership Program” contains, beside the eLearning videos, two face-to-face teaching periods. These periods are very important for the learning experience, because they put focus on self-reflection and refer to the transfer-exercises from the eLearnings. The trainer discusses with the participants their experiences, encourages them to share their findings from the self-learn period and provides feedback and advices. The face-to-face teaching is not about delivering knowledge, this happens during the self-learning period, it is about strengthen it.

In the blended learning approach, the trainer is a learning companion, who guides participants through the different learning periods. Therefore, the trainer is always available for guidance during the self-learning period. The participants can get back to them over phone or email. All trainers have a special certificate, which enables them to teach with our blended learning approach. They know all eLearnings and transfer-exercises very well. Furthermore, a trainer guideline was specially developed for every blended learning program. This is possible due to our cooperation with the training company “Pawlik”, which gives us the opportunity to work with 150 specialized and highly certified trainers.

Self-learning and face-to-face teaching periods are framed by webinars. In the first session the participants get a detailed overview about the blended learning approach and its structure. In addition, they have the opportunity to introduce their self and get to know each other. The blended learning journey ends with two coaching calls, where the trainer offers support to the participants, in case they struggle to put their learnings into practice.

Our blended learning “Leadership Program” can be booked over Pink University. There are no extra bookings required for the trainers.  It is structured in modules and can be adapted easily to customer needs.

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Ruben Weiser, Pink University GmbH

Digital Learning Consultant




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