Cooperative Methods and Development of Social Competence in Training of Technical Teachers


  • Ibolya Tomory Obuda University



social competence, cooperative methods, technical teacher training


The requirements of job market nowdays put emphasys on the importance of emotional intelligence and social behaviour. This fact determines the educational requirements of future teachers. One offthe efficient ways for this is to use imp-roving and student focused methods. In this particular study we introduce a small part of the results of an experi-mental program that helped to acknowledge some of the cooperative methods and the improvement of soical skills among the participants. From 2015, by the ivolvement of more and more new students groups the students experienced using the methods, the effects of them and the individual use fo them during the pedagogy program. According to the results and feed-backs we can that we got the following result like the imporvement of social skills,the usage of these skills in the future, the need of getting to know new methods and the deeper connection towards students. Prior methodological knowledge and the measurement of participants' social skills are the subject of another study. Here, attitudes and opinions about joint work and changes, as well as some aspects of the development of social compe-tence, are summarized.

Author Biography

Ibolya Tomory, Obuda University

Agoston Trefort Centre for Engineering Teacher Education




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Tomory, I. (2020). Cooperative Methods and Development of Social Competence in Training of Technical Teachers. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 10(5), pp. 49–61.



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