Joy of Learning Through Internet Memes


  • Rishabh Reddy SVKMs NMIMS University
  • Rishabh Singh SVKMs NMIMS University
  • Vidhi Kapoor SVKMs NMIMS University
  • Prathamesh P Churi SVKMs NMIMS University



Memes, internet, teaching, hypothesis


The currency of today’s social media is influence. The influence is any action or reaction by which you can drive your thoughts on people’s mind through social platforms. Internet memes are getting very popular in today’s generation. With the rise of technology and technological devices, the ability of concentration of young minds has drastically reduced. In a typical case, the classroom-based teaching tools like blackboard, PPT, videos are no more appreciated by the newer generation. This is because today's generation is practical oriented and wants skills to acquire and do not want traditional teaching which enforce memory rather than knowledge. They want class-room-based teaching methods to be innovative. Looking at the popularity of the memes, the paper shares and experiences of use of internet memes from existing papers available on the internet. Based on the available literature survey, the two research questions were formed in order to examine the perception on memes in student’s mind. The survey of 201 student population is statistically analysed and hypothesis testing was also conducted. It is over-served that students are more positively agree to use of memes in classroom teaching. Another viewpoint in this paper is the use of memes are incorporated in test papers. The acceptance of inclusion of memes in mid-term test papers proves that learning through memes is now new normal in today’s generation.

Author Biographies

Rishabh Reddy, SVKMs NMIMS University

Computer Engineering Department

Rishabh Singh, SVKMs NMIMS University

Computer Engineering Department

Vidhi Kapoor, SVKMs NMIMS University

Computer Engineering Department

Prathamesh P Churi, SVKMs NMIMS University

Computer Engineering Department




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Reddy, R., Singh, R., Kapoor, V., & Churi, P. P. (2020). Joy of Learning Through Internet Memes. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 10(5), pp. 116–133.