Using VISIR in a Large Undergraduate Course: Preliminary Assessment Results


  • Gustavo R. Alves ISEP / IPP
  • Maria A. Marques ISEP/IPP
  • Maria C. Viegas ISEP/IPP
  • Maria C. Costa-Lobo ISEP/IPP
  • Rui G. Barral ISEP/IPP
  • Ruben J. Couto ISEP/IPP
  • Frederico L. Jacob ISEP/IPP
  • Carlos A. Ramos ISEP/IPP
  • Gina M. Vilão ISEP/IPP
  • Daniel S. Covita ISEP/IPP
  • Joaquim A. Alves ISEP/IPP
  • Pedro S. Guimaraes ISEP/IPP
  • Ingvar Gustavsson BTH



remote laboratories, weblabs, learning assessment, engineering education


The use of remote labs in undergraduate courses has been reported in literature several times since the mid 90’s. Nevertheless, very few articles present results about the learning gains obtained by students using them, especially with a large number of students, thus suggesting a lack of data concerning their pedagogical effectiveness. This paper addresses such a gap by presenting some preliminary results concerning the use of a remote laboratory, known as VISIR, in a large undergraduate course on Applied Physics, with over 500 students enrolled.

Author Biography

Gustavo R. Alves, ISEP / IPP

Gustavo R. Alves is an Adjunct professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal. He is also a senior researcher at CIETI and the head of the CIETI-LABORIS group. He holds a PhD, a MSc. and a Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, form the University of Porto, Portugal, since 1999, 1995, and 1991, respectively.




How to Cite

Alves, G. R., Marques, M. A., Viegas, M. C., Costa-Lobo, M. C., Barral, R. G., Couto, R. J., Jacob, F. L., Ramos, C. A., Vilão, G. M., Covita, D. S., Alves, J. A., Guimaraes, P. S., & Gustavsson, I. (2011). Using VISIR in a Large Undergraduate Course: Preliminary Assessment Results. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 1(1), pp. 12–19.