Mockup Didatic Set for Students Development in Automotive Electronic


  • Fabio Delatore FATEC Santo Andre
  • Felipe Serafim Albaladejo FATEC Santo Andre
  • Carlos Alberto Morioka FATEC Santo Andre
  • Alexsander Tressino Carvalho FATEC Santo André
  • Fabrizio Leonardi Centro Universitario da FEI



automotive, didatic set, mockup, engine, ECU


The automotive engineering education area, specifically on internal combustion engine, requires the use of suitable systems, capable to simulate, test and obtain specifics data from its operation. Automotive engines are so complex due to it is a mix of engineering subjects, so, a mockup was created to help its study. The mockup is an exactly the same engine that equips a vehicle, but assembled in a mechanical base, equipped with all the necessary components for running it up. The objective of this work is to develop a mockup with a suitable Electronic Control Unit (ECU) board, in order to obtain the sensors/actuators signals from the engine and control some important engine functions by using an external ECU, so that the students may test their own strategies, compare with the original ECU.

Author Biographies

Fabio Delatore, FATEC Santo Andre

FATEC Santo Andre and Universidade Anhanguera as a researcher on didactic strategies applied on the engineering courses, mainly on FATEC Santo Andre. 

Felipe Serafim Albaladejo, FATEC Santo Andre

Volkswagen Brazil, working on Academy and training area

Carlos Alberto Morioka, FATEC Santo Andre

FATEC Santo Andre as a coordinator of the Automotive Electronic Course 

Alexsander Tressino Carvalho, FATEC Santo André

FATEC Santo Andre as a director of the institution

Fabrizio Leonardi, Centro Universitario da FEI

Professor/researcher on Mechanical Engineering 




How to Cite

Delatore, F., Albaladejo, F. S., Morioka, C. A., Carvalho, A. T., & Leonardi, F. (2013). Mockup Didatic Set for Students Development in Automotive Electronic. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 3(S3), pp. 47–51.



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