Determining University Students’ Availability on Zoom




Computer Engineer, Zoom Application, Distance Education


The general purpose of this research is to determine the readiness of university students studying in the computer engineering programme on the Zoom application. The quantitative research method was used in the study. The research was carried out in the fall semester of 2020-2021. The working group consists of university students studying in the computer engineering programme of various universities in Kosovo and Russian Federation. 420 university students participated in the research. For the research, university students were given 5 weeks of online training. A measurement tool called ‘distance education applications’ developed by the researchers was applied to the university students. The data were shared with university students on the Internet with an online questionnaire and their participation was ensured and collected. The collected data were analysed using the SPSS programme. It was concluded that the readiness status of the university students showed positive results, and the live lesson status of the female university students was higher than the male students. In addition, it was concluded that they got used to the system they used in the common lessons before, and that the training on this system affected them positively.




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Prevalla , B. ., Shaidullina, A. R. ., Ishmuradova , I. I. ., Larionova, A. A., Kosarenko , N. N. ., & Andryushchenko, I. S. . (2022). Determining University Students’ Availability on Zoom. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 12(2), pp. 35–47.