How Do the Engineer Students Learn the SQL Language?


  • Márta Erzsébet Czenky Szent István University



SQL, e-learning, tutoring system, survey, examination, assessment


In the teaching of database management the teaching of standardized SQL language cannot be avoided. Until the appearance of e-learning education systems we could only support the learning of SQL language with showing example queries. Using e-learning education systems in the education enables using tests, tutorials, teacher feedbacks which facilitate the learning of SQL language. But still these education tools can not ensure that students receive error message and assessment for correctness of the query edited in database management system in their native language after running the SQL query. In order to accomplish these two latter purposes we wrote a SQL tutoring system which was used from 2012â??s autumn by the students. In the paper we describe the problems of learning the SQL language, the supporting methods for learning before installation of the SQL tutoring system and with analysis of data of log file of the SQL tutoring system the manner of studentsâ?? learning of SQL.

Author Biography

Márta Erzsébet Czenky, Szent István University

Department of Informatics




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Czenky, M. E. (2014). How Do the Engineer Students Learn the SQL Language?. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 4(1), pp. 18–23.