Fostering Engineering Students’ Competences Development Through Lexical Aspect Acquisition Model


  • Elvira Skornyakova Saint-Petersburg Mining University
  • Ekaterina Vinogradova Saint-Petersburg Mining University



engineering education, competence-based approach, communication, writing assignment, lexical acquisition


This study aims to investigate the effect of enhanced lexical aspect acquisition model on engineering students’ competences development, namely such 21st century skills as communication (written or oral), self-organization, systematic and critical thinking, project development and implementation, team work, application of fundamental knowledge, work with information. The researchers have developed a novel approach to fostering lexical aspect acquisition through multistage model. The participants of the research were first-year engineering students of the mineral specializations in Saint-Petersburg Mining University. Suggested model-based learning process and conventional-based teaching were used in experimental and control groups accordingly during the spring term 2022. The SPSS software was used to interpret the obtained data. The statistical analysis was carried out with the output of Cronbach’s Alpha reliability test and Pearson correlation test with identification of p-value. The findings showed a significant difference between the level of lexical acquisition in the control and experimental groups proving reliability and validity of the current research.




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Skornyakova, E., & Vinogradova, E. (2022). Fostering Engineering Students’ Competences Development Through Lexical Aspect Acquisition Model. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 12(6), pp. 100–114.