Global Shared Learning Classroom Model: A Pedagogical Strategy for Sustainable Competencies Development in Higher Education


  • Jorge Membrillo-Hernández Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • William Javier Cuervo-Bejarano Corporación Universitaria UNIMINUTO, Zipaquirá Colombia
  • Luis Alberto Mejía-Manzano Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • Patricia Caratozzolo Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • Patricia Vázquez-Villegas Tecnologico de Monterrey



Digital competencies badge, Educational innovation, higher education, socially-oriented education, STEM, Global Classroom, COIL


One of the most popular strategies to develop skills such as collaborative work, critical thinking, and problem-solving is the application of COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) through a Global Classroom in which Professors from at least two universities from different countries and cultures develop a period known as "Global Classroom" in which, through the Challenge Based Learning didactic technique, they solve a real-life challenge but from a distance, using digital communication tools. In this study, 4-week global courses were held between groups from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico and groups from the UNIMINUTO University in Colombia. The challenges developed were related to two fundamental issues: 1) Management of natural resources and climate change and 2) Biomimetics. Students were able to develop skills to communicate effectively through online interaction with people from different cultures and disciplines and use technological tools that facilitate communication and distance learning in multicultural virtual environments. The use of Global Classroom in their respective areas of study is made available to those interested as a valuable tool to provide students with the opportunity to live sustainable international experiences and promote the Sustainable Development Goals. Current teaching models involve active and experiential learning and developing soft and hard skills. The Global Classroom experience is a tool that allowed continuity in the preparation of students during the COVID-19 pandemic.




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Membrillo-Hernández, J., Cuervo Bejarano, W. J., Mejía Manzano, L. A., Caratozzolo, P., & Vázquez Villegas, P. . (2023). Global Shared Learning Classroom Model: A Pedagogical Strategy for Sustainable Competencies Development in Higher Education. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 13(1), pp. 20–33.