Applying Andragogy to Promote Active Learning in Adult Education in Russia


  • Phillip A. Sanger Purdue University Purdue Polytechnic Institute
  • Irina V. Pavlova Kazan National Research Technological University



Active learning, Project based learning, andragogy, adult learning, chemistry laboratory education


In this rapidly changing world of technology and economic conditions, it is essential that practicing engineers and engineering educators continue to grow in their skills and knowledge in order to stay competitive and relevant in the industrial and educational work space. This paper describes the results for a course that combined the best techniques of andragogy to promote active learning in a curriculum of chemistry education, in particular, chemistry laboratory education. This experience with two separate correspondence classes with similar demographics are reported on. Questionnaires and oral open-ended discussions were used to assess the outcome of this effort. Overall the approach received positive reception while pointing out that correspondence students have full time jobs and active learning in general requires more effort and time.




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Sanger, P. A., & Pavlova, I. V. (2016). Applying Andragogy to Promote Active Learning in Adult Education in Russia. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 6(4), pp. 41–44.



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