"A Generator": A Mini Hydroelectric Apparatus as Renewable Source of Energy

Secil Satir, Yildirim B. Kestane, Sertan Dogru


Abstract--The matter is considered in the scope of sustainability and initially the basis and content of the term is defined. Based on this definition, the qualities of water and water energy are inspected as water is one of the most important type of clean energy source. Water energy is a time-honored renewable energy whose use dates back to earliest periods in history. The subject titled “A Generator” is a small but significant support to environmental protection as it defines a patented object which generates energy from water with a mini apparatus.
Protection of future lives of creatures and keeping them in infinite existence necessitate taking measures in advance. Concepts such as environment protection, sustainability, green energy, green economy etc. have also been under consideration by the UN since the 1970s. The subject is very comprehensive. This paper inspects as required hydroelectric power plants which produce clean energy and date back to ancient times. Water, as main source of hydroelectric power plants, is collected in proper basins and thus provided with potential energy. Water is then dropped from heights to trigger its kinetic energy and canalized to turbine wheels, moving which it turns kinetic/mechanical energy into electric power. This basic characteristic of water is evaluated in a mini apparatus this time. And an apparatus of unaccustomed size is obtained, which could support electricity production in household wet areas.


Key words--“A Generator”, water, hydroelectric power plants, sustainability.

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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP) – eISSN: 2192-4880
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