Multivariate Analysis of Students Perception on Teaching with Client Based and Non-Client Based Team Projects


  • Philip Appiah-Kubi University of Dayton



active learning, project-based learning, team projects, experiential learning


The classroom experience has evolved from traditional lecture, PowerPoint and whiteboards to a more active environment where students and instructors work together more on hands-on activities to achieve the course objectives. Various names have been given to this pedagogy; experiential learning, project-based learning, active learning, problem-based learning are a handful of names used to describe this evolving pedagogy. The main challenge faced by educators in educating undergraduate students to be independent thinkers and problem solvers, has been the driving force fueling the shift in pedagogy. The skill sets needed to be successful in the workforce has also evolved over the years. Today’s employees are not only expected to demonstrate proficiency in green skills in their field of study, but must also possess soft skills required to be competitive in the industry. Gone are the days where engineers worked in silos applying their green skills to create for the common good. To be productive, employers expect today’s engineer to demonstrate the ability to work in teams, communicate effectively, while applying the technical and analytical know-how needed to achieve a desired goal. To ensure that undergraduate students have these desired skills, most engineering educators have shifted away from the traditional all lecture classes and are applying active learning pedagogies. This research looks into student’s perception on project-based learning with client based and non-client based projects in terms of: the project as a learning device, contribution to research knowledge, motivation to learn, contribution to skills and personal benefits, and their effects on student evaluation of teaching and motivation to learn.

Author Biography

Philip Appiah-Kubi, University of Dayton

Assistant Professor, Engineering Management, Systems & Technology




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Appiah-Kubi, P. (2018). Multivariate Analysis of Students Perception on Teaching with Client Based and Non-Client Based Team Projects. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 8(3), pp. 93–103.