One-Stop Physics E-Book Package Development for Senior High School Learning Media


  • Alif Syaiful Adam Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Nadi Suprapto Universitas Negeri Surabaya



Beboo, bilingual e-book, static fluids


Many e-Book versions of Physics learning have used to support for gaining more information. Mostly, these e-Books didn’t contain virtual laboratory environment due to the student’s visualization in Physics concept. For this objection, an e-Book package was involved to developing, branded as Beboo (Bilingual e-Book), one stop e-Book package completed by physics visualize animation, virtual laboratory environment, student’s worksheet, supporting video and self-final test. Beboo uses to assist the second-year student in senior high school to learn static fluids concept, including of the condition in static fluids and the Pascal-Archimedes principle applying in an everyday situation. This e-Book was developed by a range of multimedia including text, pictures, diagrams, sound effect, music, video, and animation in interactive and effective elements and required multiskilling that are content crating and programming. Besides, it contains the interesting part in physics learning, a laboratory activity, designed in two simulators on U-Pipe and Hydraulic Lift due to the student’s understanding of the hydrostatic and pascal law systems. For a common self-final test, Beboo provides the final test feature, shown in multiple choice for concept achievement. In general, Beboo develops in three main stages (needs assessment, design and development & implementation) known as Hannafin and Peck Model and have the validation score in a range of 84%- 94%. Furthermore, Beboo should enlarge team due to more chapter coverage and Android platform support. Overall, Beboo uses for an alternative use for school with no real laboratory and as the minimal point to the next e-Book development. Moreover, this media developed as the answer in technology integration in 21st-century learning.

Author Biography

Nadi Suprapto, Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Department of Physics




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Adam, A. S., & Suprapto, N. (2019). One-Stop Physics E-Book Package Development for Senior High School Learning Media. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(19), pp. 150–158.



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