Inquiry Based Teaching in an Animation Multimedia Course


  • Yue Zheng



In the process of cultivating high-level animation talents, high-quality animation course can play a crucial role, and effectively improve design and innovation ability. However, current animation course design and teaching also have obvious defects. The inquiry teaching of subject activity can play a positive role in training students’ innovation and creation ability and thus effectively make up for the shortcomings in animation course teaching. In this study, animation multimedia course was taken for example to explore the design and teaching application practice of maker education method based on “activity inquiry”. The maker teaching mode based on “activity inquiry” comprises four modules: teaching process, teaching objective, teaching design, and analysis of students’ performance. On this basis, it was applied in the teaching practice of animation multimedia course. Besides, the decision tree algorithm was innovatively adopted in this experiment to analyze students’ performance, and decision-making tree analytical framework for students’ performance was constructed, including data acquisition, data preprocessing, data classification & mining, and classification rule generation. Finally, the teaching test results indicate that the proposed teaching mode can significantly improve teaching effect, and actively promote students’ core ability training in terms of animation design and creation.




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Zheng, Y. (2019). Inquiry Based Teaching in an Animation Multimedia Course. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(17), pp. 17–28.