Comparison of E-Learning, M-Learning and Game-based Learning in Programming Education – A Gendered Analysis


  • Sohail Iqbal Malik Al-Buraimi University College
  • Mostafa Al-Emran Al-Buraimi University College
  • Roy Mathew Al-Buraimi University College
  • Ragad M Tawafak Al-Buraimi University College
  • Ghaliya Alfarsi Al-Buraimi University College



Learning to code, problem solving skills, programming education, E-learning, M-learning, Game-based learning


Learning to code is considered as a difficult and challenging task for a significant number of novice programmers in programming education. Novice programmers have to acquire different skills such as problem solving, program design, comprehension, and debugging at the same time. On the other hand, most introductory programming courses focus more on syntax of the programming language. In this study, we developed and introduced a ‘PROBSOL’ application in three different learning systems (E-learning, M-learning and Game-based learning) to enhance the problem solving skills of novice programmers in an introductory programming (IP) course. A survey was conducted with the IP students to determine their perception about all the three applications in the IP course. Gender differences were determined by comparing both female and male students’ responses for each question in the survey. The results of comparison show that male students were more satisfied with all the three applications compared to female students. Both female and male students perceived that all the three applications are user-friendly, enabled them to accomplish tasks more quickly, and enhanced their learning productivity. Overall, both male and female students appreciated all the three applications in the teaching and learning process of the IP course. This study implies that instructors can also use all the three applications as an additional teaching tool in the teaching and learning process of programming education.

Author Biography

Sohail Iqbal Malik, Al-Buraimi University College

Head Of IT department, Al Buraimi University College




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Malik, S. I., Al-Emran, M., Mathew, R., Tawafak, R. M., & Alfarsi, G. (2020). Comparison of E-Learning, M-Learning and Game-based Learning in Programming Education – A Gendered Analysis. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 15(15), pp. 133–146.