"Start-Up" in E-Learning Mode as a Basic Project of the Final Year of Entrepreneurship Education


  • Zhi-Jiang Liu GuangXi Normal University
  • Marina Galichkina State University of Management
  • Anastasia Kurilova Togliatti State University
  • Svetlana Vlasova MAI




start-up, e-learning, higher education, business project, entrepreneurship


The study discusses the main positive aspects of the implementation of start-up projects at universities. In the context of the migration of most of the businesses to the network, the most important skill of an entrepreneur is the ability to build an online business from the very first steps. The basis for this is the creation a start-up in e-learning mode. A sample of domestic and foreign universities has been designed to compare new domestic practices with foreign experience of e-learning in entrepreneurship. It has been confirmed that the introduction of start-ups in e-learning mode in the final year of entrepreneurship education positively affects the development of professional qualities of students both in online and off-line business and helps to better consolidate the material. In addition, based on the work done, a final year model of entrepreneurship education with e-learning has been proposed; it is based on 3 main components (the student as a generator of ideas; the mentor as necessary support, and information online channels as the main source of information) and is aimed at solidifying knowledge through the start-up project defense. The importance of the role of universities in this process has been proved and the idea of involving a business mentor in e-learning process to achieve a synergistic effect has been considered.




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Liu, Z.-J., Galichkina, M., Kurilova, A., & Vlasova, S. (2021). "Start-Up" in E-Learning Mode as a Basic Project of the Final Year of Entrepreneurship Education. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(04), pp. 82–94. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v16i04.18085