Research on Innovative Teaching Mode of Art Education in the Age of Convergence of Media


  • Zhiyuan Ma Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
  • Jingjing Guan Wuhan University
  • Rita Yi Man Li Sustainable Real Estate Research Center



Convergence Media, shared teaching, optimized distribution, teaching mode


ssemination and development of information has occurred, and this has had a positive impact on audiences. Research on the integration and develop-ment of traditional media with new media is recent, and has been focused, across the world, on the educational context. This study most specifically looks at art education. Or art teachers in further and higher education, the use of electronic media may not only lead to better work, creatively, but al-so more efficient real-time interaction, and the more effective collection of student feedback. Modern students’ lifestyles and the teaching environment they are subject to, have created the basis for convergence media; within such an environment, cultural knowledge can be more quickly and conven-iently accessed. Based on an analysis of innovative art education teaching methods within this era of convergent media, this paper proposes a design framework for the sharing of such high-quality teaching resources and the design of a shared teaching platform; these proposals are informed by the use of the ‘extreme value’ method to optimize the allocation of high-quality teaching resources in the framework design during the sharing process. The identification of an objective function can be effective in this context. The participation of an objective function within resource allocation can better guarantee that the best teachers can arrange the teaching programs that are most effective for particular courses --- so that high-quality teaching pro-grams can be better spread across the media available and so that the stu-dents can better accept and absorb this new teaching mode.

Author Biography

Rita Yi Man Li, Sustainable Real Estate Research Center

Department of Economics and Finance




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Ma, Z., Guan, J., & Li, R. Y. M. (2021). Research on Innovative Teaching Mode of Art Education in the Age of Convergence of Media. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(02), pp. 272–284.