Development of Students' Pedagogical Abilities through Socio-Psychological Training


  • Araily Shakirova Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov
  • Galina Romanova Academy of Social Management,
  • Svetlana Vlasova Moscow Aviation Institute



communication skills, empathy, pedagogical abilities, pedagogical tact, socio-psychological training


The research is devoted to the study of the effect of socio-psychological training on the development of pedagogical abilities in rising teachers. The study involved 88 full-time five-year students of the Xxxx Academy (Moscow) and four-year students of Xxxx University (Taldykorgan). The goal was achieved based on a system of special tasks with the involvement of socio-psychological trainings. The experiment and research were carried out for 6 months. The standard devia-tion in the sample and the Student's t-test were studied for the experimental and control groups. The result of the post-test is the opposite; thus, the mean value of the experimental group is higher than that of the control group. The study re-vealed that there is a weak positive relationship between age and pedagogical abil-ities (r <0.2). The results of the study also indicate a positive correlation between gender and pedagogical abilities (r> 0.3). Thus, in accordance with the goal set, it was determined that socio-psychological training improves students' pedagogical abilities. The results of this study can be recommended to teachers of universities and training centers, as well as pedagogical students.

Author Biographies

Araily Shakirova, Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov

Araily Shakirova is Master of Pedagogical Sciences at the Department of Devel-opmental Pedagogy and Psychology at the Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov, Samal microdistrict, building 28, apartment 42, 040000 Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan. She studies pedagogy and psychology.

Galina Romanova, Academy of Social Management,

Galina Romanova is a Candidate of Pedagogics at the Department of Methods of Education and Additional Education at the Academy of Social Management, Murmansk proezd, d. 22, sq. 23, 129075 Moscow, Russian Federation. Her scientific work specialized at studying retraining and advanced training of teaching staff; theory and technology of education; theory and technology of teaching etc.

Svetlana Vlasova, Moscow Aviation Institute

Svetlana Vlasova is a senior teacher of the Department of I-11 Foreign Language for Aerospace Specialties at the Moscow Aviation Institute, Novaya Bashilovka street, building 4, apartment 13, 125040 Moscow, Russian Federation. She is interested in study of pedagogics.




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Shakirova, A., Romanova, G., & Vlasova, S. (2021). Development of Students’ Pedagogical Abilities through Socio-Psychological Training. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(16), pp. 79–90.