Utilizing Knowledge Management in Education: The Case of "The University of Jordan"


  • Osama M. Rababah The University of Jordan
  • Muhannad Al-Shboul The University of Jordan
  • Fawaz A AL Zaghoul The University of Jordan




E-learning, higher education, knowledge-based systems, technology and information systems.


Knowledge as a result of processing the relevant information which is collection of raw data, facts, measurements, and statistics, requires sensitive management that leads educators and learners to increase concern for knowledge management, especially in the educational field. This paper intends to present this proposed approach directly to the one of its main sources of creation; Education. After the introductory part, the paper presents the Knowledge Management in the context of â??The University of Jordanâ? emphasizing every components of knowledge management: people, process, and technology. Then, the researchers will show the result of the survey which had been carried out on 140 students at The University of Jordan, the survey was about their perceptions regarding the utility and quality of knowledge they gained through their studying at The University of Jordan.

Author Biography

Osama M. Rababah, The University of Jordan

Dr. Osama Rababah is an Ass. Prof with the Department of Business Information Technology, The University of Jordan, Amman




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Rababah, O. M., Al-Shboul, M., & AL Zaghoul, F. A. (2013). Utilizing Knowledge Management in Education: The Case of "The University of Jordan". International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 8(1), pp. 58–61. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v8i1.2463



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