Digital Technologies for Heritage Teaching: Trend Analysis in New Realities




heritage, heritage education, digital technologies, ICT, heritage teaching


The irruption of digital technologies in social contexts and their integration in educa-tion has led to new learning environments where the communication, interaction and access to knowledge are an essential part of the educational process. This paper shows a literature review and mapping of the most important technological tools used in the contexts where heritage teaching has been conducted in the last decade. For this aim developed a bibliometric analysis of scientific publications in high impact journals through selective searches in the specialized databases Scopus and Science Direct. The findings show trends in the educational practice approach regarding herit-age, integrating emerging technologies such as augmented reality, 3D modelling, arti-ficial intelligence, QR coding and virtual reality that offer situated and immersive learning experiences on mobile apps and web-based platforms. From the studies analyzed in different contexts, it is concluded that the integration of digital technolo-gies in the teaching and heritage appropriation is a field that in recent years shows a clear increase, so that it is necessary to consider the potential of these tools in it’s diffusion, teaching and preservation to strengthen existing work lines and open up possibilities to future studies.

Author Biographies

Jacob Vargas Arteaga, Simón Bolívar University

Degree in Educational Informatics and Audiovisual Media and a Master degree on Education at the University of Córdoba, Colombia. Doctorate student in Educational Sciences at Simón Bolívar University, Colombia. Educational Informatics Professor and member from Cymted-L Research Group, Colombia.

Marbel Lucía Gravini-Donado, Simón Bolívar University

Degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education from the Fundación Universidad del Norte, Colombia. Doctor in Education from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. Teacher and leader researcher of the Educational and Social Synapse Group of the Simón Bolívar University, Colombia. Senior Researcher of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Colombia. Research interests: Cognition, learning and human development, learning styles.

Lorenzo Domenico Zanello Riva, Simón Bolívar University

Degree in Economics from Universidad del Norte, Colombia. Doctor in Social Sciences from Universidad del Norte, Colombia. Professor and researcher at Simón Bolívar University in Colombia. Advisor on MacondoLab Center for Business Growth and Innovation. Colombia.




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Vargas Arteaga, J., Gravini-Donado, M. L., & Zanello Riva, L. D. (2021). Digital Technologies for Heritage Teaching: Trend Analysis in New Realities. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(21), pp. 132–148.