Digital Portfolio: a Strategy for Teachers Professional Development


  • Ruben Jans
  • Valère Awouters



E-portfolio, ICT, PPDP (Personal and Professional Development Plan).


Abstractâ??Teachers have to work with e-portfolio with their students. This is a very demanding task because they never were educated with e-portfolio themselves. Therefore a European Comenius project was submitted in 2005. In this approved project a whole week formation (april 2007) was offered to nineteen teachers from all over Europe. A year later they will meet again to see in what way the course has had effects on their work with e-portfolio and students. Most interesting to notice was that the basic ICT-skills of teachers are nowadays realized. However teachers are still busy with text and text-files. Rarely they uploaded multimedia, like e.g. photoâ??s, videoâ??s, youtube-movies, â?¦ in their e-portfolio. The essential element of an e-portfolio, the personal and professional development plan, that forms the backbone of the e-portfolio and offers the possibility to make the e-portfolio an effective learning instrument was unknown.

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Ruben Jans

Teacher training department - research unit [ED+ict]

Valère Awouters

Teacher training department - research unit [ED+ict]




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Jans, R., & Awouters, V. (2008). Digital Portfolio: a Strategy for Teachers Professional Development. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 3(1).



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