Online Learning Through LMSs: Comparative Assessment of Canvas and Moodle




Learning Management System, online learning, Canvas, Moodle, assignment, grading


Learning Management Systems have become one of the primary means of organizing online learning and teaching processes. They provide educators with tools to create, host, and manage various materials for learners. The variety of modern LMSs is immense and requires profound research for making the right choice. The article is aimed at examining several aspects of online learning provision. Firstly, the study has surveyed world educators to identify what LMSs are more frequently applied in their professional practice. Secondly, based on the data obtained, the article examines two LMSs, Canvas and Moodle, in terms of their efficiency and ease of use for educators and students. The research presents a comprehensive comparison of four sets of features, which respondents emphasized during the survey. They include User Interfaces and the enrollment process, the efficiency of these two systems for students and teachers, integration with other platforms and programs, a set of attributes in terms of functionality, and opportunities for comprehensive assessments and grading. Thus, the purpose of the study is to conduct a comprehensive comparison of two LMSs, Moodle and Canvas, defined as one of the most required and topical by world educators and students, and reveal their possibilities for the implementation in the educational process of various establishments and students of different age.




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Khatser, G., & Khatser, M. (2022). Online Learning Through LMSs: Comparative Assessment of Canvas and Moodle. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 17(12), pp. 184–200.