The Synergy Mechanism of Online-Offline Mixed Teaching Based on Teacher-Student Relationship


  • Chang Cao



teacher-student relationship, online-offline teaching, synergetic teaching mechanism


The teacher-student relationship on online education platforms is quite complex. The learning habits of different-type students and the non-contact interaction on the online education platforms make it difficult for online and offline teaching to form a synergetic relationship spontaneously, thus researching the method to construct a synergetic teaching-learning relationship between teachers and students in the context of online-offline mixed teaching is of high value. However, currently few scholars have viewed the problem of synergy mechanism of online-offline mixed teaching from a macro perspective, so in order to fill in this research gap, this paper aims to study the synergy mechanism of online-offline mixed teaching by analyzing the key factors in teacher-student relationship, including the students’ background information, personality characteristics, learning preferences, learning behavior habits, types and features of the teacher-student relationship, and the interaction fitness of teachers and students, etc. In the paper, the teacher-student relationship was classified by the normal distribution division method, the calculation process of the interaction fitness degree of teachers and students was given, and a model was constructed for evaluating the synergy degree of online-offline mixed teaching. The experimental results gave a statistic of each evaluation dimension of teacher-student relationship, which had verified the effectiveness of the constructed model.




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Cao, C. . (2022). The Synergy Mechanism of Online-Offline Mixed Teaching Based on Teacher-Student Relationship. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 17(10), pp. 16–31.