An Application Study of the UTAUT Methodology for the Flipped Classroom Model Adoption by Applied Sciences and Technology Teachers


  • Antonios Plageras PhD Cand., Department of Physics, University of Thessaly
  • Apostolos Xenakis Assistant Professor,Department of Digital Systems, University of Thessaly
  • Konstantinos Kalovrektis Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications, University of Thessaly
  • Dionysios Vavouyios Professor, Department of Physics, University of Thessaly



flipped classroom, UTAUT application, acceptance of technology, technologicaland pedagogical content knowledge, Education 4.0


The teaching method of flipped classroom (FC), gives students the opportunity to participate actively during class, while the teacher’s role is supportive than intrusive. The application of FC improves teaching and learning process, especially in applied sciences and technology, as literature study reveals. The current study aims to investigate the application of Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) methodology, by applied sciences and technology teachers, who combine FC to improve learning results and better meet their teaching goals. To this end, we apply quantitative research, exploit, and discuss our data findings. A total number of 65 high school teachers, around the area of Central Greece, in the region of Thessaly, took part in our research. Our data is analyzed via Structural Equation Models (SEMs)which belong to a family of multivariable statistical analysis that refer to linear correlations among quantitative mainly variables, with confirmatory role. The results of our study reveal that social influence is significant for the prediction of teachers’ intention (current of future) to apply flipped classroom model approach. Additionally, our study claims to support that flipped classroom model plays a crucial role in updating educational demands of the 21st century, especially in guaranteeing the use of technology tools in equally during teaching and learning process. Finally, this study may assist teachers to adjust and reinforce flipped classroom’s approach, by distinguishing the technology acceptance factors inside a contemporary classroom. 




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Plageras, A., Xenakis, A., Kalovrektis, K. ., & Vavouyios, D. . (2023). An Application Study of the UTAUT Methodology for the Flipped Classroom Model Adoption by Applied Sciences and Technology Teachers. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 18(02), pp. 190–202.