Toward Smart and Immersive Classroom based on AI, VR, and 6G


  • Yousef Sharrab 1Faculty of Information Technology, Isra University
  • Najwa Theab Almutiri 3Royal Commission for Riyadh City
  • Monther Tarawneh Isra University
  • Faisal Alzyoud Faculty of Information Technology, Isra University
  • Abdel-Rahman F. Al-Ghuwairi Department of Software Engineering, Hashemite University, Zarqa
  • Dimah Al-Fraihat Faculty of Information Technology, Isra University



Virtual Reality, Virtual Classroom, AI, Virtual Teaching, 6G in education, 6G for VR


The technological revolutions greatly impact current and future Classrooms. These advances in technology include the revolution of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and super highspeed internet. In the coming next generation (6G), the data rate will be very sufficient for live scenes in virtual reality applications such as telepresence and teleoperation. This paper review and discuss next-generation technologies in AI, VR, and communication. Moreover, we examine the motivation for establishing an Advanced Technology based Smart and Immersive Classroom (SIC) and the advantages of its availability to the virtual society. Recent advances in computer and communications technology have delivered capabilities to tomorrow’s SIC. Advances in virtual reality and real-time streaming on the internet have created a revolution in curricula and classrooms. Index Terms—Virtual Reality in education; 6G for education, Artificial Intelligence in education, Immersive Classroom




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Sharrab, Y. ., Almutiri, N. T., Tarawneh, M., Alzyoud, F., Al-Ghuwairi, A.-R. F., & Al-Fraihat, D. (2023). Toward Smart and Immersive Classroom based on AI, VR, and 6G. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 18(02), pp. 4–16.