The Importance of Using the Internet of Things in Education


  • Suaad Hadi Hassan Al-Taai University of Baghdad
  • Huda Abbas Kanber University of Baghdad
  • Waleed Abood Mohammed al-Dulaimi University of Baghdad



Teacher, Notifications, Data, Homes, Cars, Networks, Platforms, Systems, Technology.


The subject of the Internet of Things is very important, especially at present, which is why it has attracted the attention of researchers and scientists due to its importance in human life. Through it, a person can do several things easily, accurately, and in an organized manner. The research addressed important topics, the most important of which are the concept of the Internet of Things, the history of its emergence and development, the reasons for its interest and importance, and its most prominent advantages and characteristics. The research sheds light on the structure of the Internet of Things, its structural components, and its most important components. The research dealt with the most important search engines in the Internet of Things, the steps of designing Internet of things systems. Among the important topics included in the research are the use of Internet of things technology in the educational field, the role of the Internet of things in solving education problems, and the most important applications of the Internet of things in education and its importance for students and teachers. Also indicated the contribution of the Internet of Things to ensuring sustainable development, environmental protection and the most important areas of application of the Internet of Things. The research sample amounted to (152 teaching staff) from Iraqi Universities and their academic achievement (84 Ph.D., 68 Master’s, 42 Bachelor’s) from (17) different scientific specializations; and (42 students). The number of respondents who use the Internet in education is 191 and the number of those who do not use the Internet and teach in person is (3) from (194) person. Students and professors use smartphones in study and teaching at a rate of (97.42%) and computers and their necessities at a rate of (92.27%) are higher than electronic devices and equipment including the smart board (11,86%). Use of IoT technology is of great and medium importance in providing electronic lectures effectively, with a percentage of 96.91%, the use of it has a large and medium role in solving education problems in giving lectures in light of health crises, especially in light of the Coronavirus crisis. Availability at the local and global levels, whether with the appropriate content or the selection of professors anywhere in the world, at a rate of 98.45%.




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Suaad Hadi Hassan Al-Taai, Huda Abbas Kanber, & Waleed Abood Mohammed al-Dulaimi. (2023). The Importance of Using the Internet of Things in Education. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 18(01), pp. 19–39.