Enhancement the Educational Technology by Using 5G Networks


  • Duha Khalid Abdul-Rahman Al-Malah University of Baghdad
  • Ban Hassan Majeed University of Baghdad
  • Haider TH.Salim ALRikabi Wasit University/ College of Engineering




Educational Material, Educational Strategies, Systems and Applications, Pro-duce, Educational Devices.


With the spread of global markets for modern technical education and the diversity of programs for the requirements of the local and global market for information and communication technology, the universities began to race among themselves to earn their academic reputation. In addition, they want to enhance their technological development by developing IMT systems with integrated technology as the security and fastest response with the speed of providing the required service and sure information and linking it The network and using social networking programs with wireless networks which in turn is a driver of the emerging economies of technical education. All of these facilities opened the way to expand the number of students and solve the problem of accumulation, collection and analysis of data by storing it with large, expanded and automatically interconnected databases between university places and departments to provide services adapted to the desire of demand. This research dealt with a sample from of the academic’s opinions and students. The sample is 319 questionnaires. It concluded that each of the infrastructure, devices, Internet of things, smart classrooms, and administrative database, with the presence of the fifth-generation network and its equipment, have a statistically significant correlation with technical education technology.

Author Biography

Haider TH.Salim ALRikabi, Wasit University/ College of Engineering

Wasit University,College of Engineering,Electrical Engineering Department




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Duha Khalid Abdul-Rahman Al-Malah, Ban Hassan Majeed, & ALRikabi, H. T. (2023). Enhancement the Educational Technology by Using 5G Networks. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 18(01), pp. 137–151. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v18i01.36001