Verifying EFL Autonomous Learning by Digital Gaming: Definitions and Concepts




Digital Learning, eLearning, Digital Media in Education.


Currently, basically everyone is surrounded by digital media and they are used for various human activities, including learning. The aim of this study is to verify how much digital gaming can be used for unintentional language acquisition within the concept of autonomous learning. A few young participants took part in the research in which they were observed how much digital gaming in their free time can influence autonomy in their learning of a foreign language. Several definitions from authoritative sources were chosen and applied in the given context. The final results of the study demonstrate that no real language leaning and no real autonomous learning is found in such an accidental learning environment as digital gaming. It does not provide any stimulation for the participants and these findings could be important for those who are responsible for the design of various digital tools available so that they could make them more stimulating in the area of autonomy as there is a vast potential in it. 




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Habeb Al-Obaydi, L., Pikhart, M., & Klimova, B. (2023). Verifying EFL Autonomous Learning by Digital Gaming: Definitions and Concepts. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 18(05), pp. 253–260.



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