Prediction of College Students' Classroom Learning Effect Considering Positive Learning Emotion


  • Jia Lv
  • Junping Yang



Positive learning emotion, Online learning for college students, Prediction of learning effect


Exploring the influence of positive learning emotion on college students' classroom learning effect facilitates fully understanding college students' online learning effect and emotional state, and is beneficial to improving students' learning quality and teachers' teaching quality. At present, few scholars have summative evaluation of students' classroom learning effect from the perspective of students' learning emotions and prove from the perspective of theory and practice that good emotional state is an important influencing factor to improve college students' classroom learning effect. Therefore, this article fully considers the positive learning emotion, and makes a research on the prediction of college students' classroom learning effect. Firstly, this article defines the behavior data of students in the online learning process based on learning emotions, and studies the correlation between college students' classroom learning behaviors based on Hawkes process. Then, based on the learning participation under the influence of different learning emotions, the online learning effect of students is quantified, and the prediction model of students' classroom learning is constructed by combining the learning behavior sequence analysis results represented by Hawkes process and the characteristic information of students themselves and courses. The experimental results verify the effectiveness of the model, and the significance test results confirm the positive effect of positive emotion on learning effect.




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Lv, J. ., & Yang, J. . (2023). Prediction of College Students’ Classroom Learning Effect Considering Positive Learning Emotion. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 18(05), pp. 161–174.