The Effect of Text Chat Assisted with Word Processors on Saudi English Major Students' Writing Accuracy and Productivity of Authentic Texts


  • Ahmad Mosa Batianeh Al-albayt university



TermsـــText Chat, Word Processor, CMC, Writing Accuracy, Authenticity, Productivity and Creativity of Authentic Texts, Facebook and Skype.


Abstractــ-This study explored the effects of using online chat and word processors on students' writing skills that include; organizing a text, spelling, punctuation, grammar, phrasal verbs, idioms, idiomatic expressions, pragmatics, creativity, vocabulary growth, content, relational words, conjunctions, authenticity, figures of speech, imagination, coherence, style, socio-cultural aspects, language use, and the production of authentic text. The study group consisted of students in the Department of Languages and Translation at Taibah University who registered for the Writing Two course in the first semester of the 2012 - 2013 academic year. Fourty subjects were divided into two sections: section one was assigned as an experimental group (supported by Facebook and Skype) and section two was assigned as a control group and was asked to write their essays with paper and pencil. Facebook and Skype accounts were created for every student in the experimental group. Data was analyzed from pre-test and post-test results to evaluate the question posed by the study: Does the use of online text chat assisted with word processors help undergraduate students develop their writing skills more than traditional methods of teaching? The results revealed that students who worked with Facebook and Skype showed a significant improvement in their writing skills when compared to the control group. In light of these findings, it is recommended that online discussions via Facebook, Skype, and other social media sites should be utilized when teaching writing and the other language skills.

Author Biography

Ahmad Mosa Batianeh, Al-albayt university

University teacher




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Batianeh, A. M. (2014). The Effect of Text Chat Assisted with Word Processors on Saudi English Major Students’ Writing Accuracy and Productivity of Authentic Texts. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 9(9), pp. 32–40.