Video Content Search System for Better Students Engagement in the Learning Process


  • Alanoud Alotaibi
  • Ayham Fayyoumi



Video Search, Educational Video, E-learning Systems


As a component of the e-learning educational process, content plays an essential role. Increasingly, the video-recorded lectures in e-learning systems are becoming more important to learners. In most cases, a single video-recorded lecture contains more than one topic or sub-topic. Therefore, to enable learners to find the desired topic and reduce learning time, e-learning systems need to provide a search capability for searching within the video content. This can be accomplished by enabling learners to identify the video or portion that contains a keyword they are looking for. This research aims to develop Video Content Search system to facilitate searching in educational videos and its contents. Preliminary results of an experimentation were conducted on a selected university course. All students needed a system to avoid time-wasting problem of watching long videos with no significant benefit. The statistics showed that the number of learners increased during the experiment. Future work will include studying impact of VCS system on students’ performance and satisfaction.




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Alotaibi, A., & Fayyoumi, A. (2014). Video Content Search System for Better Students Engagement in the Learning Process. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 9(6), pp. 54–57.