Development and Teaching Application of New Intelligent Courseware in "Sports Economics"


  • Youguo SHI Bengbu Medical College
  • Shuqin CHEN



multimedia, design and application, Sports Economics, intelligent Flash courseware


During the development of information technology, the application of multimedia courseware in teaching activities has become a trend of current education. Flash is widely applied in multimedia courseware making by virtue of its advanced technology, good interactivity and easy propagation etc. Based on the above background, this paper designs a new intelligent courseware based on Flash technology through summarizing the researches of domestic and overseas scholars about the application of Flash technology in teaching. Meanwhile, this paper analyzes design thought and major structure of courseware system. On this basis, contrastive teaching experiment and quantitative statistics are applied to demonstrate application effect of this intelligent courseware system in Sports Economics course teaching. The results verify that the new intelligent courseware can greatly improve students’ learning interest, learning initiative and academic performance, and plays a significant helping role in college sports specialty teaching. Besides, it also has strong reference value in teaching other courses.




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SHI, Y., & CHEN, S. (2016). Development and Teaching Application of New Intelligent Courseware in "Sports Economics". International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 11(05), pp. 51–55.