A Proposed Model for Detecting Learning Styles Based on Agent Learning


  • M S Hasibuan
  • L E Nugroho
  • P I Santosa
  • S S Kusumawardani




detection model, VARK, reinforcement learning.


A learning style is an issue related to learners. In one way or the other, learning style could assist learners in their learning activities if students ignore their learning styles, it may influence their effort in understanding teaching materials. To overcome these problems, a model for reliable automatic learning style detection is needed. Currently, there are two approaches in detecting learning styles: data driven and literature based. Learners, especially those with changing learning styles, have difficulties in adopting these two approach since they are not adaptive, dynamic and responsive (ADR). To solve the above problems, a model using agent learning approach is proposes. Agent learning involves performing activities in four phases, i.e. initialization, learning, matching and, recommendations to decide the learning styles the students use. The proposed system will provide instructional materials that match the learning style that has been detected. The automatics detection process is performed by combining the data-driven and literature-based approaches. We propose an evaluation model agent learning system to ensure the model is working properly.




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Hasibuan, M. S., Nugroho, L. E., Santosa, P. I., & Kusumawardani, S. S. (2016). A Proposed Model for Detecting Learning Styles Based on Agent Learning. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 11(10), pp. 65–69. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v11i10.5781