The Application of Computer Technology in Mongolian College English Teaching


  • Xiaojun Zhao Inner Mongolia Normal University



Computer-assisted, Inner Mongolian College Students, Multilanguage integration, Software design


Based on the demand of modern teaching, this paper researches the application of and problems faced by Mongolian information processing and computer multimedia technology in computer-assisted instruction. It also sets the teaching software content and learning goal and further designs the teaching software according to the English learning features and characteristics of choosing the medium of information of Mongolian college students. This software is suitable for use in learning and teaching bilingualism second language to Mongolian students, and teachers and can realize the independent code of bilingual characters, Mongolian input and output, Mongolian character handling and bilingual inter-translation functions. Manufacture and development of bilingual teaching software facilitates the enthusiasm of Mongolian college students to learn English, improve the language learning environment and plays a positive facilitation role in multilanguage integration and cultural development of the Mongolian area.

Author Biography

Xiaojun Zhao, Inner Mongolia Normal University

Xiaojun Zhao is a professor from Inner Mongolia Normal University, majors in curriculum and pedagogy.




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Zhao, X. (2017). The Application of Computer Technology in Mongolian College English Teaching. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 12(02), pp. 52–65.